Взаперти (2020)

Название: Взаперти
Оригинальное название: Run
Год выхода: 2020
Жанр: ужасы, триллер, детектив
Режиссер: Аниш Чаганти
В ролях: Сара Полсон, Кира Аллен, Онали Эймс, Пэт Хили, Картер Хейнц, Сара Сон, Кларк Уэбстер, Конан Ходжкинсон, Эрик Атхавале, Брэдли Савацки
Производство: США, Lionsgate
Продолжительность: 01:29:26
Перевод: Дублированный |Лицензия iTunes|

Качество: WEB-DLRip
Видео: XviD, 1930 Кбит/с, 720x304
Аудио: AC3, 6 ch, 384 Кбит/с
Размер: 1,45 Gb

О фильме: Гиперзаботливая мать Диана Шерман растит дочь Хлою в полной изоляции, контролируя каждый её шаг. Та прикована к инвалидному креслу, принимает множество таблеток, обучается дома и не общается со сверстниками. Разумеется, Хлоя растет наивной девушкой, но однажды она начинает подозревать что-то неладное.

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It happened in the morning when I was on the train to college. On the way, I fell asleep as usual. I constantly sleep on the train, as I have to get up at 6:00 in the morning, which drains my vitality. But after a couple of minutes I woke up due to the fact that people entered the train. I was sitting by the window, and no one was sitting in front of me, so far. Two women sat next to me.
I am everything!
go here.. No, what are you ... I don’t think so at all ... You ... Good, I clumsily justified myself.
I love, of course, "confessed" aunt. I love myself to feel real, but without e...whether in the ass, can you become a real prostitute? Only when x ... d is too big, it hurts a lot, but there is also a lot of pleasure.
You know, I could not resist and drank what was inside the condom.
From her lips came:
Mom saw this, after a couple of seconds she covered the cock with a dress, quickly got out of bed, and hurried to her bedroom, slamming the door there. Then I heard a muffled "Fool ... what are you doing ... how could this be."
At first, this prospect did not make me very happy. Aunt Ira was a distant relative of my mother (I think she was a second cousin), who lived in an urban-type settlement in the neighboring region. She was 37 years old, she had not acquired a husband and backbiters, and, perhaps, therefore, she actively maintained ties with our family. True, parents and Aunt Ira had not communicated “live” for a long time, only by phone, and I myself saw her in the distant past, when she came to visit us, and remembered very vaguely.
JamesCeace от 14 мая 2022 05:02
I went into the office. And it's actually much warmer here than in the hallway. Anya is on duty here and she is not supposed to have a warm bed. I gave the cup to the girl, and I stood up to the window and looked at the winter pre-dawn forest.
Zina, my sister came from Novgorod to get married. There is nowhere to live, so I decided to rebook with us. Zinka's fiance, of course, is handsome: blond, slender, pumped up, not like Olezhka.
- I don't want to.
click here.. He did not open his eyes for five minutes, and then said: "I have never experienced SUCH! You are just super!"...
They say that God does not give horns to a vigorous cow. Some people remember this expression casually, while for others, their whole life is formulated by it. So thought Aleksey Vetlugin, a man of 32 years old, tall, handsome, loving and beloved by his wife. She, like him, comes from a good family. She is five years younger than her husband, and has already blossomed with the beauty of a woman, not a girl. Not thin, but not full, like her husband, tall, light blond and very feminine.
Yes, what's the matter?
She was indignant at this other time, because she hadn’t given it the first time either. And why think, you can start right now, without departing from the topic of conversation. There and the bed is spread out in the shade, it will not be hot. Yes, and the bushes hide, hide it from an indiscreet look. Just go to my side and lie down, and the rest is up to the partner.
“I just haven’t had anyone in such a long time that I’m completely lost, sorry.
We met her in Artek, constantly corresponded, but still could not meet. And here she comes soon! Shower, shave, more Chypre to kill the spirits of the girls who so impudently seduced me. After all, Galka constantly hinted to me that she was going to marry me. Almost a bride!
JamesCeace от 16 мая 2022 13:04
Vera looked up at me again, suddenly her eyes widened, and a rather loud OOOOOOO burst out of her mouth. She looked at me, surprise and wild excitement were read in her eyes, AAAAA - again a sound came from the parted mouth.
Overcoming my fear and shame, I swallowed a quarter of this pipe and began to greedily swallow the water that I lacked. Cool water filled my mouth and I swallowed a clear liquid loudly, that even this sound could be heard in the corridor. Tears flowed from her eyes: would Masha see me now? what would she say? Has the modest-looking girl really shown her "dark side"? Turning off the water, I sat for a long time with my "friend" in my mouth. The metal beak asked me to "take a sip" more, that I began to stupidly suck this prick without water, that I even began to get used to the metallic taste on my tongue a little.
please click for source.. The door swung open, the man greeted and gestured the student into the office. The teacher came in and sat imposingly in his chair. Crossing his legs, he looked at the student and with a sigh began to question the material. He unbuttoned the buttons on his shirt sleeves and began to listen to the inexorable “Put three, I promise, I'll fix it ...” He twisted the pen in one hand, then the other, bit his lower lip and watched the girl's reaction intently. Her face blushed at his stern gaze and the flexibility of his fingers. It was uncomfortable, uncomfortable, scary and incomprehensible. He saw it only a couple of times, but from the very beginning it was clear that this specimen would deservedly be in his collection. He handed her a piece of paper and a pen, in a couple of minutes she has to do this fucking test, and only then will she be able to close all the gaps. The girl obediently nodded and began to perform, as it seemed to her, a simple task *.
Yes. I'll tell you everything. Everything you want to know.
What did you feel? – I was at a loss.
After 20 minutes, Eldas pulled her dick from the fluffy vagina and cumshot. The rabbit continued to tremble from orgasm (although in these 20 minutes she received them at least 5 times) standing on all fours. The crossbar put on his pants and waited a little. Ilva came to his senses and slowly rose to his feet.
JamesCeace от 17 мая 2022 04:38
There was what seemed to be an endless pause.
I received the address via SMS and in about 30 minutes I was already there. A dark unfamiliar yard, in a not very calm area of ??the city, met me with a company of drinking drunks on a bench and a bum poking around in a trash can. Having dialed the number of Maria Vladimirovna and saying that I had arrived, I began to wait at the entrance. A couple of minutes later she came out, as always beautiful, dressed in a light beige jacket under which there was a white blouse with a deep neckline and a light skirt above the knee, perfectly fitting her wide hips and chic ass, and light high-heeled shoes on her feet. At that moment, I didn’t even know who was more beautiful, Christina or her Mom.
At some point, I experienced pain, but after a second it passed and it was replaced by the same burning sensation that haunted me for probably the last ten minutes. Almost completely entering me, you first carefully, and then faster and faster began to put me on your penis. Flashes of pain were replaced by deafening bursts of languor, the itch penetrated into the very heart, squeezed my chest, and escaped through my throat. I screamed, this scream was not pain, the scream of orgasm, "Shut my mouth!", at the last moment I managed to scream out.
continue reading.. Неааааоах ……
The next morning, Igor woke up, pulled on shorts and a T-shirt, went down the stairs and went to the toilet, yesterday's image again surfaced in his head, and he could not restrain himself from masturbating imagining the image of his stepmother.
Taxi did not come? asked hercher.
At this point, Lisa was beginning to worry. She tried to pull away to free her mouth.
JamesCeace от 18 мая 2022 04:44
There were rumors that she loves sex and willingly gives. That's what attracted me to her the most. Sometimes, and especially after drinking, I told her directly that I didn’t mind if she was with someone else besides me. She answered that there is a time for everything and that she has long been looking for someone who likes it.
- And go to Aunt Ira - my parents suggested. She has been inviting us all for a long time. But we can’t now - work, a garden. Hit the road at least one, and we will send greetings and goodies.
We met our girlfriend, whose name is Vera, 2 years ago at the birthday party of a mutual friend, she was 20 then, and I was 25.
click to see more.. “On the contrary, it’s okay,” he said as he walked into the hall and still didn’t take his eyes off me.
She fiddled with her fingers and tried to pretend that she was looking for something in the room. I was still standing at the entrance and looking around, leather sofa, laminate flooring, cabinets and shelves.
Her lips closed on my penis, and I felt the head touching her tonsils.
Rom, are you nervous?
"And you undress to the end," Rita suggested and stood up, holding out her hand. "Yes, how is it ..." Inna hesitated.
JamesCeace от 18 мая 2022 13:20
At some point, the conversation shifted towards the topic of intersexual relations.
Do you have a girlfriend? Are you making love?
link.. There are two main options, he told me. You can seduce and you can blackmail. The price of the issue will be the same for me. The first path will most likely take longer, and the second one will involve some violations of the law… But I don’t mind, do I? Oh no. I didn't mind at all. The idea of easily forcing Nastya to have sex with others turned me on even more.
Since autumn, I looked at her from time to time at lectures, she stared at me, but we did not start conversations with her. And then we had a New Year's Eve at the university. My group is rather inert in terms of student life. In general, I was alone, talked at the evening with friends from other groups, watched the girls dance, and despite the fact that there was nothing to do at home, I decided to go to my apartment.
Aren't you going to bathe?
In general, there was a certainty that now this matter would be delayed, you know, as it usually happens with these stupid belts, you take them off on yourself in half a second, and on your partner for half an hour ... But surprisingly, the belt succumbed immediately and gave access to a button on jeans. Before taking up the button, I took a step back, pulled Anya along with me and sat on the sofa in such a way that the button was at the level of my eyes. I began to unfasten it, and a thought flashed through my head:
JamesCeace от 19 мая 2022 08:27
Anya just whispered:
That's exactly what I did. Gradually, we began to fuck no more than twice a week. However, the likelihood of the fantasy being realized was still small. Maybe I can do something else for this? For example, to encourage her to wear short and open dresses, skirts and blouses more often. I said that they suit her ... And I began to give gift cards more often.
Anton's member slipped out of my vagina and inside I felt a hot liquid that began to flow out of my pussy.
"Lick him clean," he said. I obeyed like a submissive lady and began to suck it from all sides. I walked my tongue from the base to the bridle, licked the head, again walked my lips along the shaft ... I never opened my eyes, enjoying the sweetly sour taste of sperm, I continued to plant my ass on the imitator ... The orgasm was already there, I began to playfully grind my cock with my hole , groans began to spontaneously break from the lips, it was fine, until I received another slap in the face, only an order of magnitude stronger than the previous ones. A light flashed in my eyes, there was a ringing in my ears, I pulled away from Zhenya, looking at him with a tear-stained face.
click.. What I saw was by no means a youthful thin pipe: it was a powerful, beautiful trunk of 16 centimeters in length, not too thick and not too thin - an almost perfect male penis. I ran my tongue from his testicles up to the head and lightly licked it. Then she completely immersed her head in her mouth and began to swallow his penis deeper and deeper into herself. I knew how to do blowjob very well and the boy appreciated my efforts, rewarding me with a perky giggle.
Let's! I spoke softly but clearly.
Why, I noticed. I noticed that you don't put anything you don't get into your mouth.
In the evening at home, I went straight to the shower and forgot to put my shirt in the wash. While washing, I constantly looked at my penis, today a girl of stunning beauty touched him with her lips, and then she generally took all the sperm into her mouth. From these thoughts, I began to get excited, the penis immediately began to get up and open, but I already wrote earlier - masturbation was forbidden for me, I had to quickly shave in all intimate places and go into the room with a standing member, in the hope that he would quickly calm down.
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